Catering to custom design customers, Wings Custom Designs offers garment and graphic design services.  When you know you want something different but can't find it, we can help.  When you just need a new logo for all your wearable image wear, we can help.  Let us work together to achieve something truly unique.





Garment Design

From Concept to Reality

We work with you and your marketing to design clothing designed for your needs.  Working from your concepts, color schemes and corporate philosophies, we work with you to create a garment that you want to wear.  Using the latest in performance fabrics and techniques we create something that not only looks good but performs.  And so if you want comfortable good looking uniforms, give us a call.


Some custom uniforms include:

  • Crew / Pit Shirts
  • High Performance Tracksuits
  • Performance Athletic Wear
  • High Visual Impact Uniforms
  • Custom Costumes
  • Motion Picture Costumes
  • Specialty Uniforms
  • Industrial Uniforms

Graphic Design

Graphics Designed For Clothing

When you want to look good, your logo designed for paper must be redesigned for clothing.  Simplified and clarified to create a simpler eye catching image.  That is what we strive to create so you uniforms are easily recognizable even in motion.  Give us a call to see how we can make your logo more eye catching.