Custom Imprinted Uniforms

Custom Imprinted Uniforms

Custom Imprinted Uniforms

Custom imprinted uniforms has never been easier.  You can have your uniforms custom imprinted with your logo to bring out the best for your team.  Look good feel great.

Re-imagine your corporate logo and create a look just for your clothing.  Your logo can be redesigned to be worn on your choice of uniforms.  Embroidery, heat applied graphics, full color graphics and logos, screen printing and dye sublimation can all be used or combined to be used to highlight your company or sports team.  We try be ahead of the curve in the use the latest technology for apparel imprinting.  We strive to use that technology to create eye catching images just for you.  Here is just a sampling of what we can offer.  Give us a call to create your new look.


Custom embroidered logos for all your uniform needs.  Embroidery is the tried and true standard for logos.  It is long lasting and has a dimension of exclusivity that is hard to reproduce.  Color selection is limited by the colors of embroidery thread available.  Not all logos can be well reproduced with embroidery however.


Specialty embroidery finishes include appliques and 3D embroidery are also available for your logo applications for something a little more unique.

Digital Imprints

Offering a full line of full color digital imprints.  Is your logo or graphics created based on printing onto paper.  This can sometimes be a problem for clothing.  Sometimes the complexity of the artwork or the color combinations just don't allow for your logo to be printed.  The solution is full color digital imprinting.  Digital imprints consist of your image being digitally printed onto a heat set medium.  This medium is then cut to the desired shape and heat pressed onto your garment.  It is a long lasting imprint solution but does require some care in washing and lower temperatures.  Now you can have your paper based logo or photo based graphics applied to your custom uniforms.

Heat Applied Logos

You can now have your logos custom cut and heat applied.  Heat applied logos are clean, permanent and comply with California EPA standards for an environmentally friendly logo application.  These imprints can now be used in 2 and 3 color imprints.

Heat applied logos can add some pizzazz to your logo with glitter, hollowgraphics and specialty finish patterns.

Dye Sublimation

Polyester clothing can now be dye sublimated for a permanent full color reproduction which is actually dyed into the fabric.  Dye sublimation is not on the fabric, it is in the fabric.  Available as an all-over print dye sublimation can open the door to your imagination.  Dye sublimation is generally done on white or light color polyesters.

Custom Cut 3M Scotchlite Reflective Logos

Safety and visibility have never been more important in the work place.  Now you can combine your need for corporate identification and safety with the use of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material.  We can custom cut your logo and apply it a wide variety of work wear and outerwear to identify but also put your name in lights.  Reflective material can improve your low light and night visibility for added safety in the workplace.  3M Scotchlite is a high reflective heat set material and conforms to ANSI standards.